Who Rocky Is

My uncontrollable body’s name is Rocky.  I only named it so I would be able to tell it what to do.  Only when I’m able to distinguish my stonr* impulsive side from ME, can I stop it from running the show.

Every day I get more purposeful, intentional, and in control.  You would not try to understand unless you answered to impulsivity.  So many times uncontrollable impulses hijack my wishes.

Now that I can communicate my wishes my team of absolutely lovely angels can stop my body.  I am grateful for them and Rapid Prompting Method letting me be ME.

With love and faith,

* stonr – this is not misspelled but a term Jordyn has adopted when his body is impulsive after I (his mom) called the corner of his letter board where he’d get stuck that had these letters the “stonr corner”


17 thoughts on “Who Rocky Is

  1. Mimi

    I love that you are able to communicate now. I will be following your blogs with love and interest. Thank you so much for talking to me today. It has been a wonderful day for me to actually be able ti to talk to you and hear what you think. Thank you for telling me embroidery itches you. That is important for me to know because I will probably be making you clothing, and will make sure it doesn’t itch you.

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  4. Marie

    HI Jordyn,
    It is quite brilliant to have developed a name and pathway for the ‘Rocky’ journey. WOW! I don’t know if you ever heard of a doctor from Switzerland named Carl Jung, but some consider him one of the most brilliant doctors of the MIND (not just the brain) and he might have even said what you and your family are doing to bring the two together are likened to building a bridge between the concious and unconcious. The unconcious is a huge sea and our concious can be like a small island. The unconcious can drive movement and function of body. Patterns can get implanted in unconcious from various times and there is trigger and terrain. Sometimes Jung called it a fixed response–somewhat meaning that our thinking mind cannot merely think our way out of it, but there are indeed ways to get synced back up again and you guys are doing it so amazingly! I just read through many of your posts after finding this via Growing Kids website. You are one-of-a kind inspirational, brilliant, wise beyond your years. Thank you for sharing and all of the energy, drive and committment. And congrats to you and your family on your documentary.

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    1. You are very sweet. My goal is to definitely to bring my body into control. I also like how you described Carl Jung. Can we talk more about that by email? Believe you may be onto something with conscious and subconscious because my impulses are totally not controlled by me. 100% subconscious impulses.

      Your friend, Jordyn


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