What Natural Play Therapy (NPT) means to me

To understand what NPT means you must allow me to explain what life was like before we went natural.  I played with facilitators all day long with them copying my impulsive stims.  They did this to show me they accepted me and to understand how best to help me when I wasn’t being impulsive and was engaged with them.  This was all done with the intention of love.  Because faked automatic good feelings lack authenticity, I always felt the underlying bad emotions of my playmates.  I always wanted people to be real.

Now with NPT I get real people and learn new activities.  Sometimes I just watch and learn without needing to try out the activity.  Other times I try in my own way excitedly.  And other times I learn to do activity exactly as it is supposed to be done.  Even more fun is to start an activity and to build on each others ideas.  These are the natural ways we interact in all relationships.

I love that I have natural interaction with people and they get to learn with me as friends.

Both the Son-Rise Program and NPT teach parents to love more deeply.  However, Son-Rise supports bad impulsive delivery of love while NPT creates opportunity to build purposefulness into the day while leaving space for respect of impulses.

I am thankful for NPT and for intentional love of Julie Sando and Jake Pourchot and their team of Child Coaches for opening my world.



Pictured are Julie & Jake


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