Doing for Others

It is very important to do for others at this time of year.  You really must be particularly caring and thoughtful to those with autism.

Christmas and the Holidays are filled with extra stimulus.  Not only the lights and music, but your expectations are working overtime.

In my family, my mommy organized to see everyone separately so I could participate more easily with the family.

A must is also time to myself and want wanting nothing from me.

So my advice is to be easy and be willing to care enough to call it a day early.

What is most important is to spend time with family.

Yours happily in family,




Everyone needs love

I am constantly reminded everyday what true love is.  On your day off some would make a legitimate case for doing nothing, yet my mommy is never off.  So it is very hard for her to get downtime.

I think it is important for her to have time off.  You really can’t 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, be constantly doing for others everything and ongoingly loving others.

I believe that you need rest.  You’re only 30 moons from a health crisis, and if nothing changes she will be sick and not be able to interact with me and others like me.

So, I am requesting help from those of you who can, to make her take one day off a month.

That means you give her 24 hours of nothing other than quiet and time to herself.
So who wants to take 24 uninterrupted hours with me?

I love mommy enough to make her take time for herself.

Your devoted son,



What Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination (BIE) means to me

You really need to understand about energy frequencies to get what a difference that BIE can make.

When my body can’t outwardly control itself sometimes it is reacting to a frequency that it doesn’t yet vibrate at.

We identify those frequencies by muscle testing and where I’m weak we use the machine to read the frequencies and tell my cells how to vibrate at that frequency.

This means that I don’t react negatively when exposed to that frequency anymore.

We do this with Dr. Wendy Davis, ND in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.  But, I bet there are other practitioners all over the world.

I recommend this for anyone, not just people with autism or allergies.

To let you see what I mean, I was very reactive at the change of seasons.  I didn’t know I couldn’t vibrate with the new light of winter.  When we entrained its frequency into my cells, I was able to have greater control over my body.

So I thin it is important to have sessions every change of season, so I can be body aware and take care of myself.

Totally worth the time and money.

Yours body aware,


What Friendship means to me

To explain what friendship means to me I first must share what it is like to be alone.

Deciding to be alone is sometimes easier because I can feel when I am not truly accepted.  Being with people who don’t get me just is so hard.  They want to, but inside they are uncomfortable, not fully able to accept me for who I am.  So many have tried and think they are accepting but fall short.

Now I have true friends.  I make more every week with this blog.  Not only does this blog allow people to get to know me, but makes a difference for me too by allowing like minded people into my life.

I love my friends with all my heart.  Some are totally like me and some are typical.  They make my life uncomparable to what is was before.

Friendship means standing by each other and expecting nothing in return.  My friends know how to expect nothing and to cheer for everything.



What My Mission Is

My mission is to prove that people with autism and speaking issues have actually both an ability to communicate and a deep understanding of the world.

What I want to yell from the rooftops is “No more therapies trying to normalize us, we are here to bring joy and real wisdom back to to the world.  Autism is an evolution of consciousness.  Stop removing our gifts and support our healing the world.”

However, I believe the world is not ready to hear this yet.  So I start with empowering my fellow non and limited speaking brothers and sisters to advocate for their right to equal opportunities to learn.

I am here to support them however I can.