What My Mission Is

My mission is to prove that people with autism and speaking issues have actually both an ability to communicate and a deep understanding of the world.

What I want to yell from the rooftops is “No more therapies trying to normalize us, we are here to bring joy and real wisdom back to to the world.  Autism is an evolution of consciousness.  Stop removing our gifts and support our healing the world.”

However, I believe the world is not ready to hear this yet.  So I start with empowering my fellow non and limited speaking brothers and sisters to advocate for their right to equal opportunities to learn.

I am here to support them however I can.



11 thoughts on “What My Mission Is

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  3. Marike Schuitemaker

    All the best Jordyn! I have studied and worked with people with people with autistic characteristics and I loved every minute of it. As you say, you all have so much to offer the world, so much joy, beauty, intelligence, love and integrity. Please continue your blog.


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