What Friendship means to me

To explain what friendship means to me I first must share what it is like to be alone.

Deciding to be alone is sometimes easier because I can feel when I am not truly accepted.  Being with people who don’t get me just is so hard.  They want to, but inside they are uncomfortable, not fully able to accept me for who I am.  So many have tried and think they are accepting but fall short.

Now I have true friends.  I make more every week with this blog.  Not only does this blog allow people to get to know me, but makes a difference for me too by allowing like minded people into my life.

I love my friends with all my heart.  Some are totally like me and some are typical.  They make my life uncomparable to what is was before.

Friendship means standing by each other and expecting nothing in return.  My friends know how to expect nothing and to cheer for everything.



2 thoughts on “What Friendship means to me

  1. Jake Pourchot

    J-man! Thank you for all that you’re sharing with the world! It’s so inspiring and delightful to watch your journey unfolding, and an honor to join you for parts of it. Cheering you on, Friend! Love you!


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