What Bioenergetic Intolerance Elimination (BIE) means to me

You really need to understand about energy frequencies to get what a difference that BIE can make.

When my body can’t outwardly control itself sometimes it is reacting to a frequency that it doesn’t yet vibrate at.

We identify those frequencies by muscle testing and where I’m weak we use the machine to read the frequencies and tell my cells how to vibrate at that frequency.

This means that I don’t react negatively when exposed to that frequency anymore.

We do this with Dr. Wendy Davis, ND in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.  But, I bet there are other practitioners all over the world.

I recommend this for anyone, not just people with autism or allergies.

To let you see what I mean, I was very reactive at the change of seasons.  I didn’t know I couldn’t vibrate with the new light of winter.  When we entrained its frequency into my cells, I was able to have greater control over my body.

So I thin it is important to have sessions every change of season, so I can be body aware and take care of myself.

Totally worth the time and money.

Yours body aware,



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