Everyone needs love

I am constantly reminded everyday what true love is.  On your day off some would make a legitimate case for doing nothing, yet my mommy is never off.  So it is very hard for her to get downtime.

I think it is important for her to have time off.  You really can’t 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, be constantly doing for others everything and ongoingly loving others.

I believe that you need rest.  You’re only 30 moons from a health crisis, and if nothing changes she will be sick and not be able to interact with me and others like me.

So, I am requesting help from those of you who can, to make her take one day off a month.

That means you give her 24 hours of nothing other than quiet and time to herself.
So who wants to take 24 uninterrupted hours with me?

I love mommy enough to make her take time for herself.

Your devoted son,




6 thoughts on “Everyone needs love

  1. Mimi

    Sign me up. I would love to spend time with you. you would need to teach me to do what you need me to do. I think 24hours might be very hard for me to be away from Rosie, maybe two or three people in a 24 hour period could give your mum the break she needs and deserves. I am hoping to come and see you on Boxing Day. If your Mum and Dad say it’s ok. Maybe we could make a plan then to give your mum a break. I love you Jordyn. Spending time with you would be an honour.


    1. I love you Mimi.
      Mommy and I are working on more balance in our days, and finding ways to slow down. You would be just fine with me putting together a puzzle one day, so Mom could go out and do something nice for herself. No training required.



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