I love you and don’t want to hurt you

You must understand that my body acts out in aggressive ways both when I’m excited and frustrated.  Your decision to watch it from discomfort is yours to have.

I do not want to harm anyone, I have little control over my body.  Calming down takes me engaging my reasoning brain.

When I get overstimulated I may reach out and pinch mommy’s cheeks or push my forehead into her cheek.  I am at work figuring out how to interrupt that loop of impulse.

Your happiness is yours to manifest, my body isn’t making your emotions.  You must listen to my inside voice that indicates how much I love you.

So, your kids may exhibit similar bodily apparitions that can mask the true way they feel.  Trust their inside voice has love in its heart and your reactions will keep love in the relationship.

Too many times we make up the wrong hard conclusion and don’t investigate what’s really happening in the relationship, creating more havoc than necessary.

No two people will understand a situation the same way, be interested in other’s view and you will be surprised how fast love shows up.

In love respectfully,


14 thoughts on “I love you and don’t want to hurt you

  1. tammy tetreault

    Your words are truly inspiring. And accurate. And wise, beyond your years.
    I think many people (from any circle, in any circumstance) can benefit from the wisdom you share. Thank you for that.
    And thank you, to your parents, for providing an opportunity for so many…to observe, to share in, to learn from…your world, our world, the world as a whole.
    We are better for it, I am certain.


    1. Mimi

      I love your blog, Jordyn. I am so glad you are now able to express these feelings you have been holding inside for so long. I have seen what a struggle it is for you to do that, and I am in awe of your efforts. And the courage you and your mum have to work every day to make that communication happen.


  2. Aunty Sarah

    Jordyn, I am relentlessly impressed at the way you express your voice ~ you’re so patient. So understanding and forgiving about what you observe, experience and must be so frustrated by.
    Tammy is right to credit your mum and dad too; you’re an exceptional boy ( no surprise there)… but having watched the conscious choices they made over the past 10+ years – many of them swimming upstream from an ‘easy’ or ‘accepted’ path – took real strength of conviction and such respect for you. Too few people in this world would see (or look) past a person’s body’s impulses.
    But I’m preaching to the choir… you already know how remarkable your family is… ♡♡♡
    Thank you for this post and know that I’m impatient (as always) for the next ~ love you!


    1. I love you so much Auntie Sarah!
      I think you are a totally special soul and am most glad you are family.
      I love not only your wit, but your heart.
      To marry into this crazy family you have to be a patient angel.

      😉, Jordyn


  3. Richard Lang

    Jordyn, I find myself stunned and awestruck at your words and what they say about you. Thank you for letting us into your world!


    1. Richard,
      Thank you for supporting Mommy since forever.
      I am happy I get to make a difference through this blog.
      I am loving hearing what people have to say.
      Thank you for taking the time to post your comment.

      Your friend, Jordyn


  4. Kristy Toovey

    “Your decision to watch it from discomfort is yours to have!”
    “Your happiness IS YOURS to manifest, my body isn’t making your emotions.”

    Owh my goodness gracious !!!, YOU J are ultra light beam :0)…. Just imagine If everybody in the world could take this on board & own their own discomfort & ability to reflect & realize that it is probably not working well for them, what a different world they would be able to experience, to reflect & take charge of their own life consciously engage & empower themselves, You are so right on brother!
    & I truly believe that when you communicate what you do on the letter board J, there leaves no room for anyone to ever doubt or question what you are & never be taken for granted by me, so appreciate your strength , your profound wisdom & insights… I know you are an instrument of love, because you working on a different level of consciousness, a level & gift that others can re learn & experience to enhance their lives into happiness & joy bound. But that is something that only they can do if that is what they truly desire, your love is undoubted MASSIVE Love bomb explosion that the world needs so much of right now! Love IS THE greatest gift you can ever give ;0)
    Blessings, & Loving you straight back atcha from the other side of earth xox
    Kristy, Ian & Evie aka. Miss’ch”Evie :0)


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