Conquering My Fears

Not only do I have a body that doesn’t listen, 45 percent of the time it is unreasonable scared.

I like adventure and learning new things, but Rocky, my uncontrollable body, hijacks my adventures 45 percent of the time.

I very much want to be in control, however my body reacts to unknowns with lots of resistance.

What has helped is learning RPM (Rapid Prompting Method) and being able to express my wants so my mommy and daddy can help me do the things I want.

Wanting to control myself is getting easier with more practice.  I self command my body in steps to get past the paralysis that sometimes happens.  Like saying “ROCKY STEP FORWARD ONTO SLIDE” on my letterboard or having daddy tell Rocky what to do.

Because I can say what I want and then self command, I am able to conquer my fears.  Not only do I get to slide down the bigger slides at Great Wolf Lodge, but I will try MagiQuest later today too.  I will also go to dinner with mommy and daddy, do bowling, and maybe go on an even bigger slide.

This trip rocks!

Adventurously yours,



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