I want to be a Crystal Healer

I understand that this is a 45 percent crazy idea.  I am passionate about crystals only because I have felt their power to protect and heal.

I hope that sharing this helps you get me.

I want to help the world heal and people would benefit from more crystals in their life.  Can we really afford to overlook these powerful healing stones?

Because I carry Tourmaline and Healerite when I’m out I don’t pick up the emotions of others as much.  20 percent of what I used to deal with.

To understand their power you need to believe we are energy flowing through our body with chakras that balance the flow.  You then need to get that we have 12 crystals that can assist us when this energy gets mucked up.

I am currently reading “Crystal Healing” by Judy Hall 30 minutes a day and learning lots.  I am happiest when we are talking about crystals.

I will make this goal a reality.  I will become a Crystal Healer and help many people.



11 thoughts on “I want to be a Crystal Healer

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  2. Tobi

    Hi Jordyn! You are a wonderful teacher & I am learning so much from your blog. My name is Tobi. My daughter is 9 & she does RPM too! I wear crystals and stones & my daughter likes to steal my jewelry. 🙂 I feel more calm when I wear my amethyst bracelet and my blue tourmaline necklace. Why do you like Tourmaline and Healerite? Are there any stones that aren’t a good idea for people who feel so greatly? Thank you for letting me learn from you. Most Gratefully, T.


    1. Hi Tobi,
      I like Tourmaline because it blocks any emotions from others. Healer it amplifies its power. I haven’t yet come across a crystal that isn’t good for me. However, everyone is different. So I recommend consulting with shop owner and your daughter.


      1. Tobi

        Thank you, Jordyn. I am letting her pick from my jewelry and to make choices on some of her own. You’ve inspired me to learn more. Gratefully, T.


  3. Hey Jordan! I just jumped into the blogging world and was looking through your posts for inspiration, and came across this! I was so excited! I am also new to the world of chakras and crystals but am loving every minute. I’d love to hear of any other book suggestions you have on the subject!


      1. Thank you, I will look up a few of her books! Hoping my local library will have a couple on file 🙂 And it’s so difficult to pick a favorite, but I would have to go with my green/blue fluorite: it was the first one I was drawn to, and started the collection 🙂


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