Only good vibes please

I am very sensitive to the emotions of others.

In public place I have a hard time blocking out the emotions of others.  Whether happy, angry or sad they impact me negatively by causing a surge that I’m not ready for.

I have found that healing crystals, in my pockets, have allowed me to function peacefully in public.  You should try it if you find yourself dealing with emotions that aren’t wanted.

I love Tourmaline, Healerite, Clear and Smokey Quartz, Bloodstone, and Amethyst.  The combination does wonders for me.

I am sold on the healing properties of these magical stones.




5 thoughts on “Only good vibes please

  1. crocker42

    Have you read anything about “empaths “. These are people who are very sensitive to the emotions in people around them. I know three people like this. They find it very difficult to be around people in pain especially emotional pain, and are very effected by other people’s moods. The negative moods are very difficult for these people to be around. Deepac Chopra allows only people who love and accept him close to him.

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