Vacations ROCK when you spend time with friends

We spent a week outside San Diego.  I loved every moment.  My best vacation ever.  Only thing to make it better would have been more time.

My ten most memorable moments are:

10.  Calmly flying without need for iPad.
9.  2 afternoons observing Elizabeth Vosseller work with my friends.
8.  Walking to dog park with Daddy, and having no fear of pool of pooches.
7.  Eating out with 3 100% true friends.
6.  Hanging out with friends at hotel pool.
5.  Making a poem with 2 100% amazing guys.
4.  Taco night with all our friends.
3.  Making my own 45% better climb at Rock Fitness with Kate.
2.  Crystal shopping with truest friends.
1.  Time with friends at the Sylvester’s house.

The best thing about this vacation was no rude people staring or commenting, only celebration 100% of time.

You don’t know how nice it is to be in an environment of non-judgement and 100% love for someone like me.  I love 100% everyone and while I understand people’s rude stares and comments as their discomfort, I wish people could get over themselves in the name of acceptance of all versions of 100% human beings.

So when you see a version of human being different from you, just remember they are the same as you.  They may look or believe differently, but inside they just want acceptance and connection like you.

Imagine what the world would be like if we all came together as one.

In love,




8 thoughts on “Vacations ROCK when you spend time with friends

  1. Paula Perich

    Jordyn, we hope to meet you and celebrate what you have discovered about yourself and those around you. We are aspiring to be among those 100% human beings you mentioned.; you are certainly one of them. Love, Elliot’s Nanny and Granddad


  2. Mark Foullong

    Jordan, How do I love your blogs?? Let me count the ways!! What a powerful and brilliant post! Thanks for sharing it and I can’t help but imagine what that world would be like. Be blessed you brilliant young man. Honoured to be your friend and your Chiropractor! Dr. Mark


  3. crocker42

    I saw in your documentary how you were learning to climb. But that picture in your blog with you way up on the wall blows my mind. You rock on the rocks!


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