So I am a documentary film star

Last night I was at The Spiral Movement Center where the first Bodymind Film Festival took place.  A documentary starring me was screened.  “Jordyn’s Rocky Journey” is a nice film that captures me beautifully.

Boarding it were a film on a boy named Aidan who has cerebral palsy and one that shares Andrew’s and Michelle’s bodymind experiences.  My calm body was able to be during Aidan’s and my films and round table questions, but I could no longer control it when my piece was over.  I had to burn off steam in the hallway and stairwell.

Andrew’s film I will watch at home.

All were so absolutely awe inspiring.

My film really creates a beautiful picture of both my daily battles with my uncontrollable body (Rocky) and my inner self (Jordyn).  Stephanie and Yuji kept both distinct and that helps others to see the disconnect between me and my body.

Although I am gaining more control each day, this film is important for people like me to gain understanding from teachers, therapists and family so that they too can begin to bring their mind and body together.

I request that you share this film (“Jordyn’s Rocky Journey”) far and wide so it can lead people to all the support I offer.






10 thoughts on “So I am a documentary film star

  1. crocker42

    I am so glad your mum and dad helped me attend your film festival, Jordyn. You are a star! Keep shining brightly Sweet soul. Love, Mimi

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  2. Pamela Andrews

    Hi Jordyn, I enjoyed meeting you at the film festival and getting to know you better through your documentary. I wish you great success in climbing and in your mission to help other people. – Pamela (Aidan’s mom)


  3. Amy Greiner

    We just watched the documentary and it was amazing. You are such an inspiring young man. My son Josh is 15 and he has been doing RPM for 1.5 years. He is not as far along as you are in being able to communicate his thoughts but I know he enjoyed your movie and that it was inspiring for him to keep going. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with the world and for your support to those going through the same journey. We look forward to seeing you in one of Kaegan’s online parties soon!


  4. juanspinkelephant

    Me see your movie. Lots of it me am understand. Me has nonverbal autism to and other stuff to. I’m thinks rock climbing is awesome. The 1 thing me has slowly learn (me am 26) is that the body has needs to and so try learn listen and respect it even when it’s not doing what you need or want try to find out why. Is can be hard but a compromise and acceptance because you will always has the body it’s a part of you even if not all of you so has learn work together best can. The typing is awesome place start and rock climbing is epic goal just be careful and slow and let your body take time needs but you can do it me is believing in you


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