My girlfriend

I asked my friend Evie if I could call her my girlfriend last night.  She said yes.

I love how full of love and joy she is, and pretty too.

We talk once a week over Skype.  She lives in Australia.

My mom and her mom help us to speak with each other with your letterboards.

I am happy.  I want to be loved and to love.  We share stuff we only feel comfortable sharing with each other.



7 thoughts on “My girlfriend

  1. Padmaja akkina

    You picked the best girl to be your girl friend. You are very smart handsome boy. I love reading about you. I enjoyed watching your documentary. Keep up the good work. You will have so many friends in near future. All the best handsome.


  2. crocker42

    I am so happy for you both, Jordyn. She is more than pretty, she is beautiful! And from the light in her eyes, it looks as if she is beautiful inside as well as outside.


  3. A Follow Up FYI from Evie’s Mum: Evie has not been able to contain her overwhelming feelings of Love & Excitement she feels very blessed to have Jordyn in her life & loves him with all her heart! We (Evie & her Mum) can not get Jordyn out of our heads ( not sure who’s boyfriend it is LOL) But know we are both deeply in love forever xox


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