I am totally caring and too sensitive

In front of my Poppy’s residence I feel all the emotions of the residents.  They range from only sadness to mild depression with some happiness and excitement mixed in.

I just want to run through the halls gleefully to being more happiness to the place.

Yet, I know that it is only temporary.  I can bring a smile for a brief time before despondent ways of thinking creep back in.

How can I help these caring people with having a purpose?  Having a purpose helps people feel fulfilled and useful.

I want to do a talk for them, to give them ideas about how they could contribute to people by sharing their wisdom and life stories.

No one should have to be alone and afraid like some of them are.  I want them to know I value their wisdom and life.

I think mom and I could really help them.  I will create a project around this.

“No dear souls left unloved” sounds like a good name.

I can’t wait to get started.



11 thoughts on “I am totally caring and too sensitive

  1. Lindsay

    I know what this is like, being highly empathic is hard. It sounds like you are extremely sensitive, even more than me.
    Thanks for sharing your experience, it makes me feel less alone in my capacity to perceive others emotions.

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  2. Alison and Asha Grace

    That’s wonderful and great to be sensitive as many are too busy to care or dont think of others as you do, love Alison and Asha Grace 💕


  3. crocker42

    Did you know, Jordyn, that they have done a study on bees. When the old bees are no longer able to work they leave the hive, and eventually die. The study was that they put these old bees back in the hive and they started klooking after the baby bees. These bees lived a significant time longer. The next part of the study – they took these same bees back out, and in a very short time, they started losing their hair and their wings started to deteriorate and died. Bees, like people, need a purpose, or they die. I hope you can help the elderly find a purpose, and especially your Poppy. If part of his purpose could be doing sometthing meaningful with you, I am sure that would give him a wonderful purpose. I have recently completed a bitrfhday present for you, and it brought me great joy in making it for you.

    I love your compassion and your insight and your wisdom. I am so happy I am now able to know the beautiful person you are, and have always been.

    Love, Mimi


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