Not able to be fully here

My mommy went out of town this weekend to learn how to better help me and other non-speakers to communication with spelling on letter boards.

Both when she goes away short or long periods of time, I feel less grounded to my body.  I have no anchor.

Do you ever feel like you are not connected to your body?
You may experience this when you are falling asleep or meditating.

Can you imaging that feeling for days?
Can feeling that do one good for extended periods of time when wanting to interact with the world?

Would you be able to function 100% if you were not in control of your body?

Only when mommy is here do I feel in my body.

I know she is away doing good 100%, but for me to be here 100% I need my rock.



9 thoughts on “Not able to be fully here

  1. crocker42

    I have felt that feeling of not being connected to my body for very short periods of time. I can’t imagine what it would be like for an extended period of time. Have courage. You are learning in this state. I love you. Mimi


  2. juanspinkelephant

    Me am almost always like that so me understanding. And now with mine other things like multiple sclerosis is more bad. Me am glad you has your mommy to helps. Maybe try has a thing of hers to hold and help when her go away for a little bit?


      1. juanspinkelephant

        Thanks you. Something else me has is a recording of my rock’s voice. Mine is in a button in my favorite build a bear. But am sure there is other ways you can try that.


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