I am an impulsive mess

I am having a hard week controlling my body and impulses.  I have been limiting working with mommy because I don’t want to hurt her.

My stomach is very sore and wiggly due to the parasites I live with.  I want them all gone.

Because of my liver* I think it is hard for mommy and doctors to know how to help me without hurting me.  Only I want a parasite free life.

You may not understand what this feels like, but trust me it really impacts my ability to control myself.

If you have ideas that we could run by the liver doctors I would appreciate you sending them.

I hope by next week, after the New Moon is over and I’ve had a BIE session, I will feel better.


*Jordyn is referring to his advanced cirrhosis, portal hypertension and an enlarged spleen resulting from Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency


6 thoughts on “I am an impulsive mess

  1. Aunty Sarah

    Oh honey… I’m sorry you’re having a bad week. I hear you 😉
    There is a woman close by to us who suffered with parasites for years and is a nutritionist. . I’ll ask her for any wisdom she may have to offer….
    Love you.
    Thank you for the visit and your energy during a very tough week and my crystals…things are in good shape over here.


  2. steve

    I was reading about meditating on the buddhist chant “Nam Yoho Renge Kyo” which millions find transformative – I recently had to line up for an hour in a hot crowded uncomfortable room and it really helped the experience – time flew while i was focused on the chant.
    Sorry its a tough week for you buddy – I hope you are better soon


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