My mommy worries too much

I am worried about how much my mommy worries about everything and everyone.

I am committed to helping her chill out.

A beautiful soul and woman is allowing the weight of everyone to dampen her light and angelic nature.

I hope she can continue to discover her true power which comes from love rather than abdicating 100% responsibility of others to handle their own stuff.

I am being very honest here.  I need 100% support here to help mommy.  She needs to prioritize her needs and doesn’t know how.

You need to make sure you are empowering her to take care of herself.  The consequences impact me and my ability to be productive and regulated.

So, I am boldly requesting your assistance.  Do not bring your drama into our space.
Only calming and fun anecdotes.  You only are 100% responsible for your life.

Every time you allow her to be roped into your drama, you shut down her ability to create her future and mine.

You have all the power to make a difference.

Thank you for your help,


9 thoughts on “My mommy worries too much

  1. Alison

    Great post and yes we are all 100 percent responsible for our lives! Baby Asha Grace sends her love, and is now pulling herself up to stand! I do worry but am so pleased to be her mom as your mom Kelli is so pleased to be yours ❤️


  2. Wendy Edwards

    Very insightful Jordyn. Sometimes I believe people as loving and caring as your Mom have a hard time letting others deal with their own stuff. Keep reminding her to take care of herself because she is soooo worthy of that and soooo important!!!
    Love, Dr. Wendy


  3. Keri

    I am once again blown away by you J!!! You are such a special and amazing young man, and I am so proud of you!! I love this weeks blog on mommy taking care of herself!! I am guilty of bringing so much drama into your amazing mommy life and I thank you for pointing it out to us all!! Keep up your inspiring messages big man!! (Used to be little man but now your huge!!) xoxox


    1. Keri,
      You are a drama magnet. That can’t be a fun way to live. I do my best to clear that energy and yet it keeps coming back. I recommend you get yourself a black tourmaline (crystal) so you stop attracting drama.
      Totally love you,


  4. Kelly Jackson

    Jordyn, you are so wise! I bet you get a lot of your thoughtful, caring, considerate qualities from your mom (and other care givers).

    Your story and bodywork video with Stephanie and Yuji touched me deeply, awakened a part of me I thought was lost, and for that I feel so much gratitude to you both for sharing your lives and experiences. Thank you, sincerely. I felt for both/all of you watching what the video showed of your journey. Jordyn, your determination, courage, brilliant insight and spirit are inspiring, I felt compelled to connect with you if I could. What you have shared in your blog posts and video has made this world feel a little more beautiful, peaceful, gentle and supportive. (I hope it feels that way for you too.) Your mom must also have these qualities! Through her actions it shows how hard she is working to love, care for, and give to those around her and you. It has been inspiring, uplifting, and healing to see. Though it must cost her a lot of energy to keep going and doing, if I could send her time, tea, spa treatments, and a vacation I would, but all I got are these words for now.

    Sending you both so much support, energy, encouragement, acceptance and peace. Keep being yourselves, keep pushing people’s expectations, keep hoping for better because I have your backs as we work our magic in changing this world!

    You both have a friend here. 🙂
    Kelly Jackson

    Ps. Thanks so much for responding to my previous message! I’m sure you are so busy with all the world changing you’ve got underway, I was very excited to hear from you! 🙂


  5. Debbie

    Being a mom myself I can understand why your mom worries… all Moms do, it’s part of the job description I guess! I’ve never met you (I’m a friend of your worrying mom…) but I saw your video and thought it was very well done and courageous of you and your whole family. Keep up the blogs!


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