No one can help you be great

I met with MPP Sylvia Jones on Friday.  Even though I feeling awful I went.

Only because my mission is so important did I make myself go.  You can’t expect others to do your work for you.

I made my case for MPP Jones to hear.  I told her that many students are languishing without a method of communication that works for them.  To be able to communicate is a right all human beings have  and it is up to the schools to adapt.  My intention is to be totally honest with her about what it feels like to go without, so she can get inspired to make change happen.

I was a straight shooter with her.  My parents added where necessary due to the meeting length.

I hope I made an impression.  You just never really know.  We will keep following up with her.

I would love your input, my non-speaking friends.  What would you like to see in schools?  How would your education be improved if they allowed you to communicate by a method that works for you?

So please write me what your thoughts are so I can follow up with MPP Jones this week.

Your advocate,



7 thoughts on “No one can help you be great

  1. Rose Chand

    I feel strongly about your cause. i would be happy to meet with you and discuss the school issue.
    I would like to see a live meeting to bring all together and discuss concerns and changes .

    I think a good place to start is to have less noise and more belief in my intelligence and skills.

    Have a good day

    Your Friend


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