My Mom is one woman and 100% angel

I’ve said this before, my Mommy is a rock.

Loving and generous, yet so strong and powerful.

No one sacrifices more than her.  She 100% does it from love for her family and friends.  I have yet to meet anyone as selfless as her.

I get the privilege to grow up with her as an example of what makes a beautiful human being.

20 year calm,
30 year zen,
40 year fun,
50 year strong,
60 year joyful
looks different than you would suspect.

You see, Mom is those things when she is making a difference for others 100%.

Like Mommy has been my champion for my self-expression, I am hers for her making a difference.  You get the benefits of her generous listening.

May she forever be making a difference in all our lives.

Happy Mother’s Day all you moms out there.

Yours in gratitude and love –



8 thoughts on “My Mom is one woman and 100% angel

  1. Aunty Sarah

    You’re right, J-bomb – your mom is 1 in a million ♡♡.
    She’s one of the strongest, most patient, fun loving women I’ve had the honour of knowing…let alone being related to!
    And her biggest blessing? Having an incredible, loving selfless son in her corner as her biggest fan and cheerleader.
    Awesomeness clearly begets awesomeness.
    Bug hugs my love!
    Auntie Sarah


  2. Julie Sando

    So well said Jordyn!! And SO TRUE! Your mom does rock! I couldn’t agree more!! So grateful for your ability to express this awesomeness!!


  3. Alison

    Wise words Jordyn, your mom is precious, let Asha Grace and I know when you are next in Toronto love to see you, xo Alison and Asha Grace


  4. crocker42

    What a wonderful mother’s day tribute! You are right, you have an amazing mother. She never gave up on you, and now you can share your wonderful thoughts and wisdom with all of us. And we are all better for your sharing your ideas with us. I am so glad she and your dad kept searching and fighting to let you out of your prison, so we can all get to know you. Thinking of you often, love, Mimi


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