Don’t underestimate your children

I worry about the other children who don’t have 100% speedy and joyful beautiful mommies like mine.

More and more I notice the tone of messages written 100% with 45% love and 55% negative thoughts that parents are feeling.  Joy is missing in dealing with the hardships associated with having a child on the autism spectrum.  I am proof that a positive outlook, focusing on self-advocacy and belief allow for growth that is exponential.

Always looking for calling 100% on ability and support rather than what a child can’t do and trying to fix it, is a happy recipe for growth.

My mommy 100% is happy when creating a totally non-judgmental safe supportive environment that allows me, and other kids, to shine.

Your always joyfully 100% supported,


Photo of the winner of Game of Life (Jordyn) playing with his Dad & buddy Jake,  feigning upset at losing.


5 thoughts on “Don’t underestimate your children

      1. crocker42

        I didn’t see this reply before. Sorry you found chess hard and torturous. I never played hard enough to make it painful. Your great grandfather was good at it. and both your great grandparents on my side loved bridge. Your dad used to play, and was good at it. He might not even remember. I loved it, but was very bad at it. and grandpa Tony used to play also. I would love to play cards with you one day. Auntie Terry and I used to play a game we calleded “steal the pack” Its called a lot of other names too, “Spite and Malice” and a crazy name that they call it in Nova scotia, that I forget. where 7s are wild. It is a great game. I would love to play it with you if you ever can find out how to play it. It is my fave. Also there is Euchre. Anyway, I don’t even know if you are going to get this, since it is a reply to a blog a while ago. Just a reply to your reply. Love, Mimi


  1. Alison

    Good thought, I will remember this with Asha Grace and support her strengths! She is stronger and more skilled Day by day, standing in her crib and waiting for mommy in the morning.
    Love and blessings,
    Alison and Asha Grace


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