So nice to be 100% myself

I am having a very good month.  So much has become clear about how I should fulfill on my mission.   I need to stay focused on joyfully being an example of love and purposefulness.

I am very interested in being productive and learning new things.  I have a long list of projects and beautiful list of friends to correspond with, only it is too much for us to focus on all at once.

My priorities are to learn fast about all things spiritual.  I am not talking religion, but that from which religion comes.  Under each religion lies traditions that honour love and being kind to each other.

I want to learn what is central to all religions, and thus every human.  It is that which will create a foundation to heal that world.

Love is both a wise and a powerful force, but when misused it can be dangerous.  Like willfully being righteous that your religious practices are better than someone else’s.

How about we be our best human 100% selves when we honour each other’s choices and let each other be true to ourselves.  Totally can’t understand how being right is more important than being loving to others.

Try, this week, to choose love.

All my love and a 100% caring of the world’s future –



8 thoughts on “So nice to be 100% myself

  1. Aunty Sarah

    After a very tough and emotional day, your message about love brought tears to my eyes.
    Thanks, Bug ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


  2. crocker42

    Jordyn, sometimes when I read your thoughts, I think you are writing the thoughts that I have had, but putting them down better. I am very touched by your ideas. I have always felt these things since I was in my early teens. In my way, I was searching to know God better, and have got to know him pretty well over the years. But like you,, I never felt that a specific “religion” was what it is all about. And when I read about people. From different cultures, who express their spirituality differently from me, I am awed by the similarities.
    I am hoping to see you later this week, because I have a birthday present for you. I will call your mum to check if it is ok when I know if I came come.


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