Beauty is Everywhere

Beautiful people are all over the place.  I am blessed to have beautiful and understanding people in my life.

All my life I have been surrounded by love.  Whether it was for my always fun and giving Playroom Facilitators during my Son-Rise years, or my Child Facilitators with Natural Play Therapy, you always found love around me.

My parents have made sure I am bathed in love.  I am so lucky and grateful.

Just this upcoming week I get to climb, hike, paint, read and be very purposeful with the amazing Kate Hale.  I’m beyond excited.

While Mommy is away learning to be an even more effective Communication Partner, all my angelicness gets to be always showered on Kate, Katie, and LeeAnn.

Hope others are as blessed in their lives.




Beauty can come in a 100% bold package

Father’s Day was yesterday.  I love my Daddy so much.  Just a father doesn’t sum up what he means to me.

All the time he loves me just the way I am.  Daddy is the most 100% caring human.  You are lucky if you know him.

My Daddy is a very passionate guy when it comes to people and things he cares about.  Always being interested in your life and what you are interested in.

I would love to acknowledge all the Daddy’s out there who provide for their families with love and fun times.

Being Daddy’s son is my honour and privilege.  Boy, totally did I get the right Dad for me.

Yours gratefully,


I was alone, then I got a special friend.

I love my dog Nelson.  It is his 6th birthday today.

I believe the bond between myself and Nelson is very special.

Many people ask what he does for me.  Well, let me tell you the different ways he supports me.

  • He always loves me unconditionally.  This may seem simplistic, but is everything for someone without close friends.
  • I am only now able to articulate that he helps calm me in stressful situations.  So, he helps me with body control.
  • I am a responsible human who takes care of my furry friend.  Feeding, loving, and helping Mom with interpreting his health issues from his moods.  He is a very sensitive being.
  • He is a dog with a heart of gold and helps with when I am helping others deal with negative emotions of illness.  He believes in me and my healing abilities.
  • I get to experience things I wouldn’t be able to 100% deal with (like a Raptors game) because I can be connected and grounded by him.
  • He listens to my dreams for the World, and believes I am capable of making a substantial difference.

Nelson is a beautiful soul.  He is a blessing in a furry body.  My always friend and partner in life.

You believe what you want.  I am telling my truth, in hopes that others understand the power of a Service Dog to change a life for the better.

So grateful,


I love my friends

My birthday was last week.  Baffles me how many people wrote to me on Facebook.  A few people even sent videos.

Having so many wonderful wishes and friends is magical and awe inspiring.

I had:  cake at Makaio’s; steak with Poppy; and a Zoom party last night with Evie, Elliot, Ian, Julie, Jake, and Kaegan.  I have plans with Fox and Brayden, and for a family get together.  Mommy and Daddy get me stuff all the time, so all I asked for was time with these people and others we are still planning.

How did I get such amazing folks in my life?  So blessed to spend time with them and with those that follow this blog.

My wish is always for a calm and peaceful World, where everyone experiences always being joyful.  Basically, your dream World.

As you read this try being a joyous example of 100% love.

I love you all,