I love my friends

My birthday was last week.  Baffles me how many people wrote to me on Facebook.  A few people even sent videos.

Having so many wonderful wishes and friends is magical and awe inspiring.

I had:  cake at Makaio’s; steak with Poppy; and a Zoom party last night with Evie, Elliot, Ian, Julie, Jake, and Kaegan.  I have plans with Fox and Brayden, and for a family get together.  Mommy and Daddy get me stuff all the time, so all I asked for was time with these people and others we are still planning.

How did I get such amazing folks in my life?  So blessed to spend time with them and with those that follow this blog.

My wish is always for a calm and peaceful World, where everyone experiences always being joyful.  Basically, your dream World.

As you read this try being a joyous example of 100% love.

I love you all,



One thought on “I love my friends

  1. crocker42

    Forgive my ignorance, but, what is a zoom party? I am so glad you have been having a joyful Jordyn-Pallooza, as Auntie Sarah would say. Birthday celebrations should certainly last a week, or even better a month. Auntie Terry and I are trying really hard to find a time together to visit you that will suit you and your Mum. I was hoping for this week, but it may go into next week. Anyway, stay joyful dear Jordyn. Love, Mimi


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