I was alone, then I got a special friend.

I love my dog Nelson.  It is his 6th birthday today.

I believe the bond between myself and Nelson is very special.

Many people ask what he does for me.  Well, let me tell you the different ways he supports me.

  • He always loves me unconditionally.  This may seem simplistic, but is everything for someone without close friends.
  • I am only now able to articulate that he helps calm me in stressful situations.  So, he helps me with body control.
  • I am a responsible human who takes care of my furry friend.  Feeding, loving, and helping Mom with interpreting his health issues from his moods.  He is a very sensitive being.
  • He is a dog with a heart of gold and helps with when I am helping others deal with negative emotions of illness.  He believes in me and my healing abilities.
  • I get to experience things I wouldn’t be able to 100% deal with (like a Raptors game) because I can be connected and grounded by him.
  • He listens to my dreams for the World, and believes I am capable of making a substantial difference.

Nelson is a beautiful soul.  He is a blessing in a furry body.  My always friend and partner in life.

You believe what you want.  I am telling my truth, in hopes that others understand the power of a Service Dog to change a life for the better.

So grateful,



7 thoughts on “I was alone, then I got a special friend.

  1. I remember how exciting it was to hear that you were getting Nelson. I only came to understand how magical dogs are 9 years ago when we got our first dog. Not only did she love us unconditionally, but I discovered newly about loving. So I know some of the magic that exists around dogs very personally, And, in the case of Nelson, it sounds like there’s an even deeper level of magic that can exist. Thank you for showing it to us. Happy Birthday, Nelson!


  2. crocker42

    I am so glad you have Nelson. I believe all he things you said about him. Dogs in general are incredibly sensitive. Rosie once paid extra attention to the chest of one of my friends. She looked to see what Rosie was interested in, and noticed a lesion on her breast. She went to the doctor and had mammogams, She had a type of cancer, in the very early stages that was easy to remove, but if she had not noticed it, it might have got worse, and been much more difficult to treat. Rosie is always there for me too. And on days when I am down, I have to get up and look after her, so she keeps me active.


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