Beauty is Everywhere

Beautiful people are all over the place.  I am blessed to have beautiful and understanding people in my life.

All my life I have been surrounded by love.  Whether it was for my always fun and giving Playroom Facilitators during my Son-Rise years, or my Child Facilitators with Natural Play Therapy, you always found love around me.

My parents have made sure I am bathed in love.  I am so lucky and grateful.

Just this upcoming week I get to climb, hike, paint, read and be very purposeful with the amazing Kate Hale.  I’m beyond excited.

While Mommy is away learning to be an even more effective Communication Partner, all my angelicness gets to be always showered on Kate, Katie, and LeeAnn.

Hope others are as blessed in their lives.





6 thoughts on “Beauty is Everywhere

  1. Terry Prior

    Beauty is everywhere, you just have to choose to see it. And you make that choice, Jordyn, not only to see it but to point it out and to be grateful for it. It’s counterpart is there too. There is no light without darkness. But, one can choose to stand only in the light and that is what you’re doing, particularly with how you express yourself. I admire that a great deal.
    I love you kiddo.
    Auntie Terry

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