What is Autism?

Well let me start with what autism isn’t.

  • It is NOT a social disorder
  • It is NOT a behavioural problem.
  • It is NOT an intellectual deficit.
  • It is NOT a language deficit.
  • It is NOT a lack of understanding social cues
  • It is NOT a lack of attention to you.
  • It is NOT a lack of really loving parents who have tried everything.

Yes, some of these can show up in some people diagnosed on the very broad spectrum. However, I am speaking of the type of autism I, and my non, minimally, and unreliably speaking friends are affected by.  You might call us “low functioning.”  (How wrong a label this is!)

We are:
– highly sensitive with an ability to read too much about those around us.  We must shut some of this down to function.  When we can’t our sympathetic nervous system totally takes over and we fight or flight.
– capable of understanding everything we hear and see.  You could say we have the memory of an elephant or a high powered computer.
– 100% able to formulate complex thoughts.  Some of these stump our parents.  And yes, math is easy for a lot of us.

Why can’t we talk?  

Autism is:
   – a motor cortex difference that has us be not in full control of our bodies, and
   – a sensory processing difference that has us be always on guard for too much of anything.
Because we are always overloaded our motor cortex is always dysfunctioning.  It is using all its power to manage that our bodies don’t lose it.  There is not enough energy left to power our articulators.  They account for 75% of our supplementary motor cortex.

Can you imaging not being able to get your body to follow a simple direction?  To even be able to point to indicate your intelligence?  Or to be able to laugh out loud appropriately? Every motor task takes intense concentration and effort combined with a peaceful environment to execute.  I am so tired just writing this.

So please do the following when you encounter someone with non, minimally, or unreliably speaking autism.

  • Do speak to them like they are listening and understand age appropriate material or higher.
  • Behave like a regular human.
  • Control your crazy yo-yo emotions.
  • Ignore everything that comes out of our mouths.
  • Be a good friend and patient communicator.
  • Help our bodies with firm, loving, and broken down directions.

All of these are crucial to being a fabulous friend, teacher, or therapist.

I hope this is like common sense to all, and have heard stories and personally experienced otherwise.  I believe these people were well intentioned, but misinformed.

Hope to make a difference with this blog post.  To learn more about this manifestation of autism join the Nonspeaking CommUnity Consortium Facebook Group and ask me question here.  I am an open book and would love to education more people.

Motorically yours,


I am excited about the beautiful CommUnity!

Could you imagine that you are alone in your body for years with no way of communicating?  Not fun, eh?

My all time favourite thing about the Motormorphasis Conference was collaborative writing with my peers.  I am so beyond ecstatic to have both participated and witnessed 24+ spellers creating together.

Can you imagine the joy of not only having a voice, but 100% sharing and creating with new, and old, friends?  It was out of this world amazing.

Body control was more difficult as we were all so excited.  Mom was a trouper.

We created 5 documents in 1.5 hours.  My 100% favourite was the Nonspeaking ABCs (pictured above).  Groups then broke out and each wrote a piece they were interested in contributing to.

Only thing that could have made it better was for us to do that all day.  Everyday.  100% my dream.

Yours in friendship,


I am always wanting to be with others like me.

Calling oodles of body and impulse 100% control issues autism doesn’t address what is happening with us.  Basically, it puts us under and umbrella that doesn’t support us and sometimes does more harm than good.

Every therapy is designed to be something that allows all you neurotypical folks to try to make us more like you.  Not support us in being our best selves.

Just allow us to be and we will take over and 100% we will bring about an evolution of pure love and acceptance.

All the non, minimally, and unreliably speaking people are very attuned to emotions of others so we known to call “Bullshit!” as someone is being inauthentic.  Neurotypical people are fooled by sincerity and platitudes, and are afraid to call “Bullshit!” even when they feel it.  All 100% angelic beings have a bullshit detector.

Being amongst a group of angelic beings this past weekend was like floating in a cloud of authenticity.  All we need is each other to be a calming force against the tide of neurotypical’s emotions and we can accomplish anything.

All my beautiful angelic friends are so good at purposeful movement and being a force for loving, joyful life and relationships.  I sometimes think we were made this way to teach the World.

I hope we can come together and affect real positive change and bring some beauty back to humanity.  Time will tell.


{To find out more about the Nonspeaking Community Consortium and the Motormorphasis Conference, please like & follow – https://www.facebook.com/groups/nonspeakingcommunity/}

Good friends make life really 100 % special

I spent the weekend with my amazing friends Kaegan, Ian, Jack, and EJ.  Also made new friends all weekend long.  Had a wonderful time being with Jackson and Ava, while missing Graciela on Saturday night.

All our loving parents could hardly contain themselves, never-mind Julie and Kate bursting at the seams with joy.  Definitely a swirl of emotions.

I met and hung out with my heroes – Ian, Ben, Tom, Huan and Emma – members of The Tribe.  Brent was so amazing and his blankets are made with love and purpose.

My heart almost exploded when I hugged Shelley on Friday, but that didn’t stop me from doing it again Sunday.  I love her so much.

Don’t know how to describe the feelings I had being in a room full of such joyful, beautiful and full of love people.  Only things that come close are after all 100% scatological words, not for all ears.  So, I’ll say fabulous and let your imagination go wild.

Next time I hope Elliot, Isaiah, William, Makaio, Areeb, Matthew, Siobhan, Oskar, Arun, Wyatt, and Evie can make it.  Then my heart will really explode.

Absolutely fulfilled,

Exciting weekend at Motormorphasis Conference

You would all have been 100% in awe this weekend attending the inaugural Motormorphasis Conference in Virginia.  So blessed to participate with a crowd of non, minimally, and unreliable speakers, their families and other professionals.

Defining autism as a motor difference so is 100% correct in my case.  Body and mind are mostly at odds 100% of the time.

I am amazed at how the individuals with a motor difference were able to manage with such an exciting event happening.  We helped each other stay calm and focused.  Being with each other somehow made it easier to be centered.  Just on above always looking out for us, I guess.

So much about our time together to share with you all that I need several blog posts to make sure I do everything justice.  So, look forward to more in depth posts over the next couple weeks.

Just know that I am forever grateful to the Nonspeaking CommUnity Consortium for creating such an understandably momentous event powerfully and gracefully.


Can we be friends

I am campaigning for friends that live near me.  My mom is helping me write to great kids in our area.

We are in the country about 20 minutes from the closest city.  I haven’t attended school since I was 3 years old.  All my friends live far away – from 90 minute drive to across the world in Australia.  100% I want some friends I can hang out with.

Both my neurotypical friends said they would love to hang out, but are busy being awesome sport stars.  My new friend Liv is teaching me to sew and we have a playdate scheduled to play Uno with her brother and sisters.  I always love hanging out with these people.

Anyone know some cool kids that live near Mono?

I deal with body control always

Can you imagine wanting to get out of the car but your body stays buckled in no matter how hard you command it with your mind?  OR being so excited to ask someone a question that you can’t stop dancing and running about?  Everyday I deal with multiple situations like this.

Lately these incidents have gotten more frequent.  Just today I needed to get out of the house with Mommy but Rocky, my name for my uncontrollable body, had other plans.   There doesn’t seem to be a reason, like a fear or an understandable justifying want to stay, Rocky just goes haywire.

Before understanding about the difference between my wants and Rocky’s behaviours, Mom would have to wait or cancel whatever we had planned.  Now she listens to me only.

Just today at my wonderful Osteopath’s office Rocky was insisting on having the iPad, but I wanted to go without.  Rocky tried every trick he has – like screaming, bouncing up and own on the table, making sweet eye contact with gestures toward the iPad, and mouthing “iPad” with no sound – but Mommy and Tara helped me through it.  100% each time my appointments get more effective because I am in my body feeling the work being done.  Good job Tara is so patient and skilled.

What we have discovered really helps is me telling Rocky what to do on the letter board.  Basically, I have to address my body or it doesn’t work, for example “ROCKY GO TO THE CAR!”  Also Mommy helps with her telling me too.  A special combination of belief that I will, a tone of authority, and a whole lot of love make Rocky move.  Any of those things lacking and nothing moves.  Mommy is my joyful body instructor.

Being a captive to Rocky’s impulsive whims is a bitch, but we are making progress.

Joyfully in control,


{Photo:  Jordyn & his dog, Nelson, on a hike after commanding his body out of the car.}

Not everyday is a good day

I deal with many things that make my life complicated.  Always autism and my uncontrollable boy are a factor, and flow in ebbs and waves.

Each time I start a new activity, I am always surprised by my body’s resistance and need for good outside coaching.  I mean loving, supportive, and authoritative prompting from someone I love.

I get my motor cortex is impaired, so I do not have the same control as someone with a typically functioning one.

Joy is a state of mind, not a destination to strive for.  I create joy in my everyday interactions, whether people understand my body or identify with my autism as a cognitive issue, they all deserve my love.  My intention is to include and educate everyone.

To be a leader I must demonstrate always being a person that listens keenly and tally up joy on the basis of always making whatever difference is needed.  Some may think leadership is just being followed, it isn’t.  Leadership includes creating space for others to grow, contribute, and get incredibly and groundedly inspired.

Everyday I struggle with my body, everyday I wish it behaved differently.  Only an attitude of always improving and forgiving it for the bad days keep me in a mental state to keep moving forward.  Do that mean I don’t have negative thoughts?  Hell no!  I just let them be, and remember that I am the creator of my occurring world and then choose to create a more empowering thought instead.

You have the same power with creating thoughts that empower your Self and mission in life.  The world is crazy and bad things happen to good people, choose to see as a challenge or lesson and move towards joy.  With love and persistence all things are possible.

Happiness is created not found.  I am blessed to have parents who teach by example what leadership and happiness look like.