Not everyday is a good day

I deal with many things that make my life complicated.  Always autism and my uncontrollable boy are a factor, and flow in ebbs and waves.

Each time I start a new activity, I am always surprised by my body’s resistance and need for good outside coaching.  I mean loving, supportive, and authoritative prompting from someone I love.

I get my motor cortex is impaired, so I do not have the same control as someone with a typically functioning one.

Joy is a state of mind, not a destination to strive for.  I create joy in my everyday interactions, whether people understand my body or identify with my autism as a cognitive issue, they all deserve my love.  My intention is to include and educate everyone.

To be a leader I must demonstrate always being a person that listens keenly and tally up joy on the basis of always making whatever difference is needed.  Some may think leadership is just being followed, it isn’t.  Leadership includes creating space for others to grow, contribute, and get incredibly and groundedly inspired.

Everyday I struggle with my body, everyday I wish it behaved differently.  Only an attitude of always improving and forgiving it for the bad days keep me in a mental state to keep moving forward.  Do that mean I don’t have negative thoughts?  Hell no!  I just let them be, and remember that I am the creator of my occurring world and then choose to create a more empowering thought instead.

You have the same power with creating thoughts that empower your Self and mission in life.  The world is crazy and bad things happen to good people, choose to see as a challenge or lesson and move towards joy.  With love and persistence all things are possible.

Happiness is created not found.  I am blessed to have parents who teach by example what leadership and happiness look like.



4 thoughts on “Not everyday is a good day

  1. Pam Aronow

    Oh yeah!!! So true Jordyn. Loved the way you described leadership. That resonated with me! The whole blog post resonated with me. We agree in our house–we are creating our own joy–not looking in vain for it–but creating it with our loving and purposeful action and not getting bogged down in the tougher moments! Thank you for all of your inspired words!


  2. Your keen insights and observations suggest you are a wise man in a young man’s body. An experienced soul who I listen to with admiration and respect. Thank you for letting us in.


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