I deal with body control always

Can you imagine wanting to get out of the car but your body stays buckled in no matter how hard you command it with your mind?  OR being so excited to ask someone a question that you can’t stop dancing and running about?  Everyday I deal with multiple situations like this.

Lately these incidents have gotten more frequent.  Just today I needed to get out of the house with Mommy but Rocky, my name for my uncontrollable body, had other plans.   There doesn’t seem to be a reason, like a fear or an understandable justifying want to stay, Rocky just goes haywire.

Before understanding about the difference between my wants and Rocky’s behaviours, Mom would have to wait or cancel whatever we had planned.  Now she listens to me only.

Just today at my wonderful Osteopath’s office Rocky was insisting on having the iPad, but I wanted to go without.  Rocky tried every trick he has – like screaming, bouncing up and own on the table, making sweet eye contact with gestures toward the iPad, and mouthing “iPad” with no sound – but Mommy and Tara helped me through it.  100% each time my appointments get more effective because I am in my body feeling the work being done.  Good job Tara is so patient and skilled.

What we have discovered really helps is me telling Rocky what to do on the letter board.  Basically, I have to address my body or it doesn’t work, for example “ROCKY GO TO THE CAR!”  Also Mommy helps with her telling me too.  A special combination of belief that I will, a tone of authority, and a whole lot of love make Rocky move.  Any of those things lacking and nothing moves.  Mommy is my joyful body instructor.

Being a captive to Rocky’s impulsive whims is a bitch, but we are making progress.

Joyfully in control,


{Photo:  Jordyn & his dog, Nelson, on a hike after commanding his body out of the car.}


11 thoughts on “I deal with body control always

  1. crocker42

    You are so good at describing what you go through, and even so I have difficulty understanding. I do get that it must be really, really difficult. I really admire you and your mum for all the work you are doing to conquer this problem, and how you are developing strategies that work for you. Keep it up!!


      1. crocker42

        I can hardly wait to get started on the project you have for me. I have been reading up on free motion quilting.


    1. 100% it helps my sluggish liver due to my Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.
      I also need help with my tired adrenals. But in realm of autism the biggest impact is calming my amygdala so everything stays 100% relaxed.
      So amygdala usually triggers fight fright response quickly over seemingly nothing, but for a period of time after treatment life is calmer in my body.

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  2. Tara

    Jordyn, well said! It is great when we can work together without Rocky in the middle of the road. And, yes, it is way cool every time we get in deeper. Have a wonderful summer and see you in August. And thank you again for your thoughtful gift – it means a great deal to me, and I will keep them with me always. Big hug, Tara


  3. Carly

    Jordyn! Love this explanation… and thank you today for your insight into Oskar! I know he appreciates you being his “voice” so that I can better understand what he really needs. It was great seeing you again today. And thank you for sharing your mommy with Oskar! 🙂 Hugs, and we will take you up on that River Walk next time!

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  4. Joan Ritger

    My grandson age 17 suffers the same challenges as Jordan with body control and yelping
    inappropriately at home and in public situations. I would appreciate any suggestions or help
    in controlling this behavior as he is so bright and it saddens him and us to see people’s reaction
    to this strange behavior. Where can we get help for this. Also, he uses a letterboartd and only
    speaks a few words to indicate his needs. Being able to have a conversation would be great.
    He can let out a song verbatim with no problem??? PLEASE HELP. Thank you

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