Can we be friends

I am campaigning for friends that live near me.  My mom is helping me write to great kids in our area.

We are in the country about 20 minutes from the closest city.  I haven’t attended school since I was 3 years old.  All my friends live far away – from 90 minute drive to across the world in Australia.  100% I want some friends I can hang out with.

Both my neurotypical friends said they would love to hang out, but are busy being awesome sport stars.  My new friend Liv is teaching me to sew and we have a playdate scheduled to play Uno with her brother and sisters.  I always love hanging out with these people.

Anyone know some cool kids that live near Mono?


3 thoughts on “Can we be friends

  1. crocker42

    O Jordyn, I wish I were your age!!! I would love to hang out with you if I were. I will pray that some wonderful friends come into your life. Love, Mimi


  2. Beccy Cochran

    Jordyn, I wish I could be your local friend. We met a long time ago at Son Rise. I was the cleaner who came in everyday but I’m not sure if you remember me. Anyway, I’ve been reading all your posts and I am so amazed by you. If you are ever in Denver I would love to visit and have you come visit my class at the Waldorf School, I teach the 4th grade. I know my students would love to meet you! Keep doing you!


    1. Beccy,
      Of course I remember you. Being in your space was so comfortable.
      I would love to be a guest in your classroom. Mommy does have a good friend in Denver. So maybe I can twist her arm.

      Your friend,



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