Exciting weekend at Motormorphasis Conference

You would all have been 100% in awe this weekend attending the inaugural Motormorphasis Conference in Virginia.  So blessed to participate with a crowd of non, minimally, and unreliable speakers, their families and other professionals.

Defining autism as a motor difference so is 100% correct in my case.  Body and mind are mostly at odds 100% of the time.

I am amazed at how the individuals with a motor difference were able to manage with such an exciting event happening.  We helped each other stay calm and focused.  Being with each other somehow made it easier to be centered.  Just on above always looking out for us, I guess.

So much about our time together to share with you all that I need several blog posts to make sure I do everything justice.  So, look forward to more in depth posts over the next couple weeks.

Just know that I am forever grateful to the Nonspeaking CommUnity Consortium for creating such an understandably momentous event powerfully and gracefully.



5 thoughts on “Exciting weekend at Motormorphasis Conference

  1. Aunty Sarah

    Do you ever tire of leaving me speechless? Or is it part of your master plan to get me feel and express without the adequate words?
    Mission accomplished (again), J-bomb!
    I’m so excited a) that this event ocurred at all and b) to hear all about YOUR experiences.
    Love you, kiddo
    Auntie S.


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