Good friends make life really 100 % special

I spent the weekend with my amazing friends Kaegan, Ian, Jack, and EJ.  Also made new friends all weekend long.  Had a wonderful time being with Jackson and Ava, while missing Graciela on Saturday night.

All our loving parents could hardly contain themselves, never-mind Julie and Kate bursting at the seams with joy.  Definitely a swirl of emotions.

I met and hung out with my heroes – Ian, Ben, Tom, Huan and Emma – members of The Tribe.  Brent was so amazing and his blankets are made with love and purpose.

My heart almost exploded when I hugged Shelley on Friday, but that didn’t stop me from doing it again Sunday.  I love her so much.

Don’t know how to describe the feelings I had being in a room full of such joyful, beautiful and full of love people.  Only things that come close are after all 100% scatological words, not for all ears.  So, I’ll say fabulous and let your imagination go wild.

Next time I hope Elliot, Isaiah, William, Makaio, Areeb, Matthew, Siobhan, Oskar, Arun, Wyatt, and Evie can make it.  Then my heart will really explode.

Absolutely fulfilled,


4 thoughts on “Good friends make life really 100 % special

  1. crocker42

    Now I know why I missed your last blog – it was yesterday!! And I was out when it came. It must have been a wonderful weekend. I am so happy for you.


  2. Ian A.

    Dear Jordyn, I very much loved reading your every word in your blog post about friends. I am in such awesome company with spelling friends like you. Can you believe it? That we have become the chosen ones in the wonderful world of autism’s soul?

    –Ian (transcribed from letterboard)


    1. Ian,
      Can totally believe it.
      We are strong guys that spell!
      Can you come visit soon?
      All our friends and their families will envy us being only 5 hours apart by car. Hee Hee.
      All want to be together all the time.
      All are special too.

      Your friend,

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