I am always wanting to be with others like me.

Calling oodles of body and impulse 100% control issues autism doesn’t address what is happening with us.  Basically, it puts us under and umbrella that doesn’t support us and sometimes does more harm than good.

Every therapy is designed to be something that allows all you neurotypical folks to try to make us more like you.  Not support us in being our best selves.

Just allow us to be and we will take over and 100% we will bring about an evolution of pure love and acceptance.

All the non, minimally, and unreliably speaking people are very attuned to emotions of others so we known to call “Bullshit!” as someone is being inauthentic.  Neurotypical people are fooled by sincerity and platitudes, and are afraid to call “Bullshit!” even when they feel it.  All 100% angelic beings have a bullshit detector.

Being amongst a group of angelic beings this past weekend was like floating in a cloud of authenticity.  All we need is each other to be a calming force against the tide of neurotypical’s emotions and we can accomplish anything.

All my beautiful angelic friends are so good at purposeful movement and being a force for loving, joyful life and relationships.  I sometimes think we were made this way to teach the World.

I hope we can come together and affect real positive change and bring some beauty back to humanity.  Time will tell.


{To find out more about the Nonspeaking Community Consortium and the Motormorphasis Conference, please like & follow – https://www.facebook.com/groups/nonspeakingcommunity/}


4 thoughts on “I am always wanting to be with others like me.

  1. Tammy Carlson

    You ARE here for the purpose of changing the world with your unconditional angelic love and showing others what it means to live from your heart space…bringing the mind into the heart…living authentically! Thank you for being here now and helping to create shifts.
    With loving gratitude for you and the autism collective consciousness. 💟


  2. Thank you Jordyn for coming into this world at this time to create opportunities for Neurotypical people to learn from the best! I am a teacher for non, minimally, and unreliably speaking autistics who continue to show me what it is to believe, accept, love, join in the moment, and get out of my head. Recently I had a therapy session with a horse and this horse would not engage with me because I was in my head frustrated that the horse was not doing what I asked. When I broke, and had my Ah-Ha moment, I cried. The horse immediately came to me and “hugged” me. I was in my heart, authentically, and out of my head. A very similar experience that I have with my students. So, thank YOU and the autism collective consciousness for being the force behind this movement for positive change. It IS happening…don’t give up on us or yourselves!


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