I am excited about the beautiful CommUnity!

Could you imagine that you are alone in your body for years with no way of communicating?  Not fun, eh?

My all time favourite thing about the Motormorphasis Conference was collaborative writing with my peers.  I am so beyond ecstatic to have both participated and witnessed 24+ spellers creating together.

Can you imagine the joy of not only having a voice, but 100% sharing and creating with new, and old, friends?  It was out of this world amazing.

Body control was more difficult as we were all so excited.  Mom was a trouper.

We created 5 documents in 1.5 hours.  My 100% favourite was the Nonspeaking ABCs (pictured above).  Groups then broke out and each wrote a piece they were interested in contributing to.

Only thing that could have made it better was for us to do that all day.  Everyday.  100% my dream.

Yours in friendship,



8 thoughts on “I am excited about the beautiful CommUnity!

  1. Xtie Voss

    It was an honor to welcome you to the conference Jordyn! Your blog entries following the event fill my heart with joy. You are a leader in this community and your participation in creating our first set of conference documents is a true gift!

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  2. Hi Jordyn! I have attempted to imagine the world you live in, and when I do I am always so amazed at how you have gotten bigger than how it restricts you. I know some of that is from your Mom, Dad and the others who support you – but I am simply in awe of YOU and how you have transcended the limits. So I am doubly happy to see that you have found friends who know well what it is like – and that you have met them and now play with them. You have me crying tears of joy for you.

    Love, Richard


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