Backing up to the beginning…

I am being asked lately to advise families who are about to embark on a magical journey with Spelling to Communicate.

I am passionate about one thing – ENJOY!  I have learned that attitude is 95% of success.  What I mean by this is when you are beginning this process of 100% teaching the motor cortex to point accurately you want to maintain a regulated and focused body.  Who learns anything when they are under pressure to perform?  Only when the parasympathetic nervous system is in power do we learn the most effectively.

Being someone who has lived through pressure – Mommy struggled a lot after our visit with Soma and put pressure on herself and me – I can say that everything changed when Mommy focused on connecting and learning together (Thank you EV!).

My best times learning were not totally structured, but reading a story and answering known questions (answer was in the text read).  I know this is not maybe how others would best learn, but for me it was the best move Mommy could have made.  She included the skill building motor practice in a totally relaxed and fun activity.

Some may bock at deviating from structured lessons saying instructions from professionals must be followed exactly for success.  However,  I disagree.  Allowing yourselves to be together without pressure is the ticket.

Please enjoy this building of a beautiful communication partnership.

Yours playfully,


{pictured:  Jordyn with his “truest” friend, Julie Sando, playfully building a communication partnership} 


Camp is so cool!

I am so glad to have experienced camp at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital with Isaiah.  Spiral Garden art and music camp is a place of possibility and acceptance.

Iz and I had so much fun making collaborative woodworking butterfly, contributing to the magic flying machine and magic garbage truck, and fun with clay.

My favourite was clay.  All so earthen and grounding.

All activities were great for purposeful motor practice.  I loved it all.  Can’t wait for next year.



Do you believe in fate?

I am very excited to hopefully adopt Bondi (pictured above).  He  and I will be great friends, and he will be a wonderful friend for Nelson.

Because we have camp this upcoming week, it isn’t fair to bring him home yet.  The rescue asked us to wait to submit our application in case someone else can adopt him sooner.

I am being very trusting that what is meant to happen will.  And I think he is meant to be part of our family.

Can you help me intend he ends up in the right home, please?  Can you believe in fate?

Believing may help it turn out the way I want it, and either way he will be in the right family.

Your donations could also help the awesome rescue he is currentlu at Finding Them Homes.



The joy of training new Communication Partners

My friend Katie, and Daddy have both been working on their skills as Communication Partners.  They are getting so much better.

Yesterday, I did lessons and coaching with them both.  I love training new Communication Partners!  It is fun to watch them grow and be confident.

My coaching is to “have fun”, always before we start.  Then after about 30 minutes I let them know how great they are doing and give a bit of coaching to up their skills.  Then we keep going for another amount of time.  They get acknowledged and a bit more coaching at the end.

I am so glad to be able to contribute and to have more Communication Partners.  Can a kid be more lucky?

Can all kids have multiple Communication Partners?  Yes, it just takes willingness to learn and have fun with a cool kid.  I hope more people want to learn and create access for more non, minimally, and unreliably speaking people to communication through spelling.

I’m offering my services to anyone who wants to learn or improve.  I’m a very good coach and I will make sure you succeed.



Cottage always helps me be adventurous

Having time at the island cottage we rent is so recharging.  This summer we get to spend two weeks as the owners went on a vacation in Europe.

The cottage is always so beautiful and the lake is usually warm.  Having a blast trying new things like always having dinner at the table, playing beanbag toss game, paint by stickers, and sitting in the kayak.

All these really challenge my purposeful motor in different ways.  All take a lot of control and body awareness.

Just using a fork to eat is a huge victory!

I am excited to keep trying new things and build my purposeful motor control.  Any suggestions?

I really enjoy all things that have a purpose like needlepoint, sewing, and painting.  I like to create beautiful things.  I don’t like doing things for the sake of just doing them.  And I love being helpful to my family.  So keep that in mind when suggesting activities.

Thank you in advance.  I’ll keep you posted.


Enjoy posts about these adventures by clicking on the pictures to take you to Jordyn’s Rocky Journey Facebook Page (the dates of the posts are between July 30 – Aug 4, 2017)  


Can wise professors do appropriate research please?

I was very disheartened by the history of autism research as presented by the wise Professor Jaswal at the NCC {Nonspeaking Community Consortium} Motormorphasis Conference.  My heart ached all throughout the presentation.

My always loving mommy completely checked out.  She had heard some of his presentation before and didn’t want her negative emotions to effect me.  It was hard enough dealing with my own emotions and the waves of emotion in the room.  She made the best choice knowing how I would react, with choosing to just ground me.

I was very excited by Vikram {Jaswal} and Elizabeth’s {Vosseller} research into motor differences in people like me.  All so profound and impactful.  Jaswal is a trail blazer.

I hope that one day I can participate in their study and those to follow.  I hope that more researchers follow their lead.

Totally inspired by future research like this,