Cottage always helps me be adventurous

Having time at the island cottage we rent is so recharging.  This summer we get to spend two weeks as the owners went on a vacation in Europe.

The cottage is always so beautiful and the lake is usually warm.  Having a blast trying new things like always having dinner at the table, playing beanbag toss game, paint by stickers, and sitting in the kayak.

All these really challenge my purposeful motor in different ways.  All take a lot of control and body awareness.

Just using a fork to eat is a huge victory!

I am excited to keep trying new things and build my purposeful motor control.  Any suggestions?

I really enjoy all things that have a purpose like needlepoint, sewing, and painting.  I like to create beautiful things.  I don’t like doing things for the sake of just doing them.  And I love being helpful to my family.  So keep that in mind when suggesting activities.

Thank you in advance.  I’ll keep you posted.


Enjoy posts about these adventures by clicking on the pictures to take you to Jordyn’s Rocky Journey Facebook Page (the dates of the posts are between July 30 – Aug 4, 2017)  



7 thoughts on “Cottage always helps me be adventurous

  1. Annette

    Wow Jordyn those are great purposeful motor activities. I too am trying to find more activities for my son so I will follow this post with interest. So glad you are enjoying your holiday it certainly looks like you are all having a great time. Enjoy!

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  2. crocker42

    I am so glad you enjoyed your time at the cottage. I am very interested in your creativity. Any chance you could find some magnetic beads and make necklaces for me. They are intersperced with regular cheap beads. I have three, but they tend to break and I lose beads. The magnetic ones really help my arthritis. They need to be cheap weak magnets. If they are too strong, they do harm. I wear them around my neck, and as bracelets, it is amazing how much they help my pain and mobility in my neck and hands. My friend, Cherie gave them to me to give to a little girl, the daughter of one of my friends. I grabbed them and put them on, and now I never take them off. I feel a bit guilty, but the little girl would probably have broken them by now, and I keep mending mine.

    Keep up your creativity, as you know, I love to sew. What kind of sewing do you do? Do you sew on a machine? If not, I could teach you.

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  3. Aunty Sarah

    Well, I’m in favour of a dinner date with your Aunty Sarah to help with table and fork practice♡♡
    How about some card shuffling? You’re pretty cocky when it comes to kicking butt at UNO but let’s see you master the whole package, smart guy 😉
    Do that and it’s euchre ‘game on’!!!! ♡♡♡
    I also love to get mail so let’s get back on the pen pal track.
    We have a basketball net here…you could do some ‘target practice’ with your hand/eye coordination?
    I missed you this vacation – I’ll try and organise something the week of the 21st.
    Aunty S

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