The joy of training new Communication Partners

My friend Katie, and Daddy have both been working on their skills as Communication Partners.  They are getting so much better.

Yesterday, I did lessons and coaching with them both.  I love training new Communication Partners!  It is fun to watch them grow and be confident.

My coaching is to “have fun”, always before we start.  Then after about 30 minutes I let them know how great they are doing and give a bit of coaching to up their skills.  Then we keep going for another amount of time.  They get acknowledged and a bit more coaching at the end.

I am so glad to be able to contribute and to have more Communication Partners.  Can a kid be more lucky?

Can all kids have multiple Communication Partners?  Yes, it just takes willingness to learn and have fun with a cool kid.  I hope more people want to learn and create access for more non, minimally, and unreliably speaking people to communication through spelling.

I’m offering my services to anyone who wants to learn or improve.  I’m a very good coach and I will make sure you succeed.




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