Do you believe in fate?

I am very excited to hopefully adopt Bondi (pictured above).  He  and I will be great friends, and he will be a wonderful friend for Nelson.

Because we have camp this upcoming week, it isn’t fair to bring him home yet.  The rescue asked us to wait to submit our application in case someone else can adopt him sooner.

I am being very trusting that what is meant to happen will.  And I think he is meant to be part of our family.

Can you help me intend he ends up in the right home, please?  Can you believe in fate?

Believing may help it turn out the way I want it, and either way he will be in the right family.

Your donations could also help the awesome rescue he is currentlu at Finding Them Homes.




7 thoughts on “Do you believe in fate?

  1. Maria

    Yes Jordyn I believe in fate just like me meeting ur mom and now I and ur mom helping out matt and our family!

    Did u give Bondi his name!


  2. crocker42

    He is beautiful, Jordyn!! My intentions are with you and Bondi. I agree, what is meant to be will be. I hope he is meant to be yours.


  3. Tammy Carlson

    I intend for the very best for you and Bondi No matter what the outcome ends up to be, you both will be blessed and happy. Love to the both of you!


    1. Tammy,

      Thank you. I am not going to be able to adopt Bondi. I am very heartbroken.
      I am so pissed off with Finding Them Homes. They have a policy to not allow families who have rehired in the past to adopt.

      You are so kind to wish us both well. Only hope a dog as perfect as Bondi is out there waiting for me.

      Your friend, Jordyn


      1. I am sorry you are hurting Jordyn and I feel your pain. Life seems unfair at times when you are looking at what is in front of you. When I am not feeling happy about something, I try to look at what the bigger picture might be. I hold on to hope and belief that there is a reason and a plan that is in the best interest of my higher self. May you find peace soon, may Bondi be loved and nurtured, and may the perfect dog and you find each other to heal your broken heart and share your experience together.


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