Backing up to the beginning…

I am being asked lately to advise families who are about to embark on a magical journey with Spelling to Communicate.

I am passionate about one thing – ENJOY!  I have learned that attitude is 95% of success.  What I mean by this is when you are beginning this process of 100% teaching the motor cortex to point accurately you want to maintain a regulated and focused body.  Who learns anything when they are under pressure to perform?  Only when the parasympathetic nervous system is in power do we learn the most effectively.

Being someone who has lived through pressure – Mommy struggled a lot after our visit with Soma and put pressure on herself and me – I can say that everything changed when Mommy focused on connecting and learning together (Thank you EV!).

My best times learning were not totally structured, but reading a story and answering known questions (answer was in the text read).  I know this is not maybe how others would best learn, but for me it was the best move Mommy could have made.  She included the skill building motor practice in a totally relaxed and fun activity.

Some may bock at deviating from structured lessons saying instructions from professionals must be followed exactly for success.  However,  I disagree.  Allowing yourselves to be together without pressure is the ticket.

Please enjoy this building of a beautiful communication partnership.

Yours playfully,


{pictured:  Jordyn with his “truest” friend, Julie Sando, playfully building a communication partnership} 


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