How do I be a good human?

I think about this a lot.  Too much of me is angelic to sometimes be a good human.

“What do I mean by this?” you might be thinking.  Well, I believe we are all angels with varying degrees of how in touch we are with the angel inside.  I believe that a lot of autistics are more in touch with their angelicness.

Having a diverse sensory system has been a blessing and allows me to experience things you may not.  So just because you don’t experience what I experience, don’t discount it as possible.

Joyfully damaged is one way I describe myself.  I would not want to be any other way. Well, there are moments I do think “Damn my crazy out of control body”, but that is only human.

Dancing with my crazy body is 100% a chore.  I am limited to what I can and can’t do, sure.  However, I would not want to give up how I perceive things for a body that behaves or a mouth that speaks purposefully.  Far be it from me to waste my energy with wishing for another body.  I would rather use that energy to further my ability to control the body I have.

Sometimes being me means being misunderstood.  People see me toe walking, jumping and running, screaming or being loud, watching little kid videos or playing repeat what I say with mommy, etcetera, and they see a boy being badly behaved or a less than normal boy.  They don’t see me.

The caring listener, loyal friend, joy-filled non-speaker, giving and intelligent human.

Perception guides how we interact, but what if all 100% humans could drop their learned filters and see each other for who they truly are.  What kind of planet would we live on then?


9 thoughts on “How do I be a good human?

  1. Diana Alves

    thanks Jordyn..very insightful!! I am so glad there are people in my two sons ( who have autism) lives who see them as they really are, and not how they present!!


  2. Sharon MacGregor

    Thank you for writing this blog. As a step-parent of a nonverbal 11-year old boy, you and others that communicate by writing help me understand this precious little boy and try to do more to make his world better and happier. I am enjoying getting to know you.


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