I love my Mommy

There is only one Mommy.  Good-hearted, fabulously genuine, and always loving.

My mommy just makes people feel loved and heard 100% by just being herself, no tricks or gimmicks needed.

Because she is my rock 100% I notice how different I feel when she isn’t here with me. Just not as grounded and able to control my body.  Do you ever feel eager to always feel your body?  Joyfully, when Mommy is a good pressure-free listener I feel so absolutely in my body and able to 100% express anything I need, or want, to.

How can I develop this feeling without needing her, that is the trick?  Just having Nelson helps a lot.  100% joyfully being a dog’s boy.

Being a cool mommy, she helped me find an absolutely wonderful dog named Rocky who will be part of our family now.  He is pure of heart, but still a little nervous in his new angelic home.  Yes he is named Rocky, you read that right.  Really perfect somehow!

Love and fully Jordyn,


{Featured image, waking up camping.  Below, Rocky the Dog}


4 thoughts on “I love my Mommy

  1. Hi Jordyn.

    While I know how unique and special you are, and how deeply your mom affects you, the amazing thing to know is that discomfort you feel when she’s not there is exactly the same for everyone I know who has grown up!

    That makes you to be like everyone else in a way. We all have to adjust to being on our own – of course most of the rest of us don’t have to also deal with the issues that you do. Your courage and strength is unique.

    I’ll let you in on a little secret. When your mom stopped being with those of us who produced the TMLP, we all felt a little like you. A little unsure of our ability to continue on our own. You, sir, are growing before our eyes and it’s a wonderful thing!


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