Man is one species

On Wednesday last week I experienced calm only when dealing with being told I should be leashed.

100% Mommy did not remain calm.

Mommy was so angry.  Doing everything in her power to be calm.  I totally get her anger! Being bigger people we let it go.  Took more effort for Mommy than me.

Basically, totally not worth being angry because only affects our day.  There will always be uneducated people who don’t understand autism in its many forms.

I trust that soon there will be a shift in how we, with motor cortex and sensory differences, are viewed.  100% intelligent and compassionate joy-filled humans here to wake up the numb and entitled to a world of inclusion and 100% acceptance of all human differences.


{Picture:  me happy in the river}


9 thoughts on “Man is one species

  1. Perich Paula

    You are so right, Jordyn; being angry doesn’t help but it’s such a response mechanism for some of us. I’m glad you were able to let it go.


  2. Aunty Sarah

    Buddy. I have no words. i don’t know what happened and I find myself with Mummy (aka Momma Bear). I’m not that evolved yet… I’m glad you can see past it – but it’s not easy for the protectors.
    I love you, J-bomb- You’re perfect.


  3. Mimi

    I am so sorry that person hurt your mum and you. Believe me, imagining how it happened, some smoke came out of my ears. B—–h, idiot!! etc. However, it will happen, and does to all of us from time to time. When it happens to me, it is like being stung or slapped in the face – shocking, painful, surprising, – leaves me speechless. I believe the world will evolve with people like you to teach the ignorant ones. your attitude, your generosity is wonderful. I’ll see you tomorrow around 2pm Can’t stay long, but I have a gift for your Mum. See you tomorrow sweetheart. I love you, Mimi


  4. Jordyn, You are brilliant beyond measure and time and I honor you for educating those who have no understanding and show compassion to those who may never have to deal with what you do. Like your mom, I would have struggled BIG TIME to not be angry and speak my mind to that person. You are truly a gift to humanity in how you love, honor and let go of what does not serve you that you must face from your fellow man. Much love to you. Keep rockin’ Jordyn and Kelli. Light and love always, Tammy


  5. Jordan, I love that you can help your mom and that you look at the outcome (the affects it will have on your day) and can go forward from there. I appreciate your sharing of yourself and your process and I am inspired.

    I also think that it is useful for people who don’t know or understand well some of the sometimes differences of autism to see that you “GET” her anger, even when she is not outwardly showing it in a way that most people might easily understand. I find that those who I love on the autistic spectrum are much better readers of emotion than most, not worse, as is often assumed.


  6. Being a demonstration of acceptance sometimes means being a bigger person and letting boorish idiots say stupid things. Without resistance there is nothing to fight and they are left dealing with their unrequited anger. 100% better than me dealing with it.


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