Can Angels exist on Earth?

Just bear with me.  I am feeling ready to share more fully about my mission and myself.  In the process I hope you will suspend your disbelief and be open to what I am sharing.  Just be a normal person interested in my experience of life.

Ok, here goes nothing!

Everyday I feel the whole world 100%.

I feel all the hurricanes, the earthquakes, the floods, the tension owing to the uncertainty of Trump as U.S. President, and all the lives beginning and ending each day.

My sensory system is far from “normal!”

Can you even fathom feeling just your family’s feelings?  I feel theirs and anyone’s within just about a minimum distance of under 100 educated people (people open to energy).  Each person can always block me by shutting themselves to just and basically divine energy.

Always and forever,



10 thoughts on “Can Angels exist on Earth?

  1. Your words resonate Jordyn, as I notice my students “off” when there is turmoil, conflict, and fear in the collective. I would love for you to expand your thoughts on the last sentence you wrote, as I think I am following what you mean, but would appreciate more clarity, if you feel to do so.
    With love and appreciation,


    1. Tammy,
      You are amazing.
      I know some people that, while loving and pure hearted, have taken a long time to open themselves to my help. My last sentence referred to these members of my family. Energy exchange requires open lines and willingness. If lines aren’t open or someone is unwilling, I can’t help. Hope this brings more clarity. 100% glad you asked.


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  2. Aunty Sarah

    Thanks for having my back today, Jordyn. It meant the absolute world to me.
    I’m kind of sorry you feel what I’m going through… but also kinda not sorry. I feel good, being connected like this.
    My heart, J-bomb ♡♡♡♡
    Aunty S.


  3. Mimi

    Being so sensitive to the feelings and energy around you, and in the whole world, I imagine the closer the people are to you, emotionally or physically, the more open your inner self is to the feelings of those close people. I feel sure that it must be important to keep people with strong and positive feelings and attitudes close to you. With these near you, you can nourish your tender self with their positivety. Surround yourself with people who are happy and who love you. I know that will be easy for you to do. Your Mum and Dad fall into that category, and the people who I see you with in pictures on Facebook seem to love you and be joyful around you. The people who reply to your blog also are positive and loving. My prayer for you – that you are daily surrounded by people who are always open to divine energy.

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    1. Hi Mary,
      I do not see or feel the future as your friend’s 100% gifted son does. I exchange energy with people to help them deal when in negative emotional state. Only being totally angelic and a 100% psychic 100% educates others on future happenings. That is not a gift I have.


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