Can we all stop being so afraid?

Dear World,

I am writing to ask you to stop being so afraid of being different that your fellow humans.

I know we are all hard-wired to survive, and people who are different are a possible threat.  However, until they are actually inherently a true threat to all you hold dear, allow yourself the opportunity to discover how they see, and operate in the World.  You may just learn something.

We are also hard-wired for community.  100% wanting to fit in.  Always being careful not to say, or do, that which might have us ousted from our tribe.  However, nothing progresses or basically doesn’t expand, without innovative contributions.  Can’t we honour ourselves by always being self-expressed?

Always and Forever,



8 thoughts on “Can we all stop being so afraid?

  1. Keri

    J Man!!! Keep using your “voice!!” Your life lessons are words of wisdom and if more people had your kind soul the world would be a better place!!!


  2. Ah, Jordyn, your wisdom moves me! Fear is rampant, especially now, and it gets covered up by owning guns. By pointing fingers. By blame.

    Thank you for seeing through that and pointing it out to those of us who are supposed to be adults.



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