Being silent doesn’t mean I’m not listening.

I often hear relatives of “non-verbal” children with autism commenting that they don’t think their kids understand.  I am hear to tell you they do.

My parents have always spoken to me like a regular kid – no baby talk or dumbed down language.  Sometimes I feel for kids who’s parents have been led to believe that baby talk is appropriate.  They never get treated with respect.

All my life I have worked harder than anyone to communicate my wants and needs.  Happy to always be a hard worker, but exhausting for everyone.  My body now has stuck patterns of behaviour from those times I did not communicate with Mommy doing the letter board – 12 years of 100% working my butt off just to get some mango.

Don’t get me wrong, Mommy buster her buns with love so I could use my voice to ask for food.  Having that has helped us a lot.

However, I sometimes wish I had learned to spell to communicate sooner.

We all have language, we just can’t speak.  So “non-verbal” is an inaccurate label, almost as ridiculous and demeaning as low-functioning (but I will save that rant for another day).

My biggest wish is for non, minimally, and unreliably speaking people to be always joyfully respected and justifiably included.



2 thoughts on “Being silent doesn’t mean I’m not listening.

  1. Judi Barta

    My brother didn’t have a way to access his inner thoughts until his 40’s. I am so glad you have that access so much sooner. One of my pet peeves is when people assume that those whose voices are silent are not paying any attention. Even though using your letter board is exhausting, keep making the effort. It’s worth it to you and to many others!!!

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