Being a good actor and model

I am doing some photo shoots with my friend Sharyn Ayliffe.  Being a photography subject and director is fun.

I let Sharyn and Mommy know what I want to wear and where to take the pictures.  I was having a hard body day, so it was hard to naturally smile.

I make a stupid cheesy grin whenever asked to smile.  That makes for horrible pictures.  Joy and internal joking thoughts always bring out my natural smile, and is very hard to capture on film.

100% joy is access to joy filled smiles.  Hopefully in our next shoot my body will cooperate even more.

I love how Sharyn captures me relaxed and pensive, and I look darn handsome.



4 thoughts on “Being a good actor and model

  1. Dijana

    You are a very handsome young man, haven’t seen a cheesy smile yet from you in the photos! and Good work for the photographer-very nice shots! Best of luck on this adventure!

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