Joyfully learning with my friends.

Can friends all learn together when they have tricky bodies and live far apart?  YES!

I have started my second and third classes with  I am enjoying every moment.  Students from all over together with a teacher on Zoom Meeting platform.  All my new friends are enjoying too.

Learning in this way was challenging at first, but the more I do it, the more I am comfortable to sit through the 1 hour class.

“Can we find more classes?”, I ask Mommy.  She says “Sure, when your body is more settled.”  You see, I am so excited to participate that I lose control of my body and impulsively smush and pinch her face through the whole class.  Give we are a team, I think she is right.

Class is not only teaching me different information, it is helping me master body control in a group setting.  I am so proud of my friends who are also working on this and working through their fears and anxiety.  Sometimes the only way out is through.

Can’t wait to add more classes.



5 thoughts on “Joyfully learning with my friends.

  1. CS

    My 11 year old liked his classes on Outschool a lot. He doesn’t like being in the same room as a class full of kids, so it was really nice for him to just be able to walk away from the class when he needed to. He is taking a break for now, but it sounds like you are getting as much out of them as he did!


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