Happy Blogging Anniversary to Me

A year ago I started this blog.  I had a good idea what I wanted to say and create, and it has evolved over the year.

It is great to know that so many have enjoyed it, and that it has made a difference for so many.  I am proud of learning from so many of you as well.

I hope to keep expanding and making a difference for my peers and their families.

Always and forever,

[photo credit:  Sharyn Ayliffe Creative]


10 thoughts on “Happy Blogging Anniversary to Me

  1. crocker42

    Happy Blogging day, Jordyn!! Over the past year I have been privileged to grow to know you so much better, thanks to your dedication to your mission. And I am growing to love you the more I grow to know you. I am so proud of you, my dear grandson, lots and lots of love, Mimi


  2. Tammie Sarra

    Jordyn you are an amazing young man. You changed my life when I met you for the first time so many years ago. Your mom is one of the most incredible ladies I have the pleasure of knowing. I don’t see you guys often but are always in my thoughts and prayers. Keep inspiring!


  3. Amy

    I love reading your blog Jordyn and hearing everything you are up to. Can I ask you some questions? What are your current goals – either academically or movement/function? Also, do you think there is hope for people with autism to control their vocalizations? I know this is something that embarrasses my son, his inability to make loud noises when around others. Is that something you have tried to control or does that only cause more anxiety and make it worse?


    1. Hi Amy,
      I love answering questions.

      I am really focussed on being able to understand human behaviour. I want to be able to digress into conversation with any culture or religion and be able to stop war and bring peace. I am also working hard on body control.

      I think that being someone who is without control is hard. I can sometimes manage my vocalizations, but when am already spent don’t have the energy to stop it. Can you handle it when you are spent and something happens that would normally be ok? I know my mom gets emotionally dystegulated.



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