I want to be angelic all the time

How is it for you when you are run down?  Are you in control of your emotions and your reactions to sensory assaults?  Totally a similar thing for me.  Only my body doesn’t wait to be run down.

Bodies of autistics like me are always sort of in that state of survival.  It takes way less to tip our balance to overload.  Always we want to be angelic, but sometimes we can’t help looking aggressive to those that don’t understand us.

From excitement to frustration my body responds the same – smushing my face into Mommy’s cheek and pinching the opposite cheek.  Just can’t help myself.

Bad behaviour, as some may see it, can be an excited kid who can’t contain themselves.  How would you like to be on the verge of a breakthrough and be told you are too wound up, so you are going to stop there?  Ever get nervous when you are trying something new?

I remember being so excited to go on a hike with my parents, that my body basically was car bound and nothing would make it listen and get out.  I am lucky to have now found Spelling to Communicate to let my parents know what excitement not fear or not wanting to.  They were always really supportive and patient, but perceived it was fear or not wanting to.

I hope this helps other parents to work through the dysregulation as much as they can, and give their kids the opportunity to grow and experience life in all its splendor.



5 thoughts on “I want to be angelic all the time

  1. Well said Jordyn! Sometimes I’m the windshield, sometimes the bug! I certainly know I don’t control myself well when stressed, excited, nervous, tired and I’m NT. You and your body are working over time every day!! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Alison

    Very informative Jordyn, makes sense! I have also started looking at how food, especially white sugar effects my body, I become grumpy tired mommy in a way I don’t intend……great job persisting on your journey Jordyn, I can understand in a small way how much it must take 💕


  3. crocker42

    Thanks again for teaching us all how it feels to be in an uncontrollable body. And for helping us alll to understand the difficulties many go through.
    Lots of love, as always,


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