Being an angel in human form

Basically, I am about to lay it all out there.  Belief is crucial to the success of this communication.  I am asking you to suspend your disbelief and listen openly to my experience of life.  If you can’t please don’t breach my trust in you.

Can you imagine being a spiritual great prophet and not have a reliable body to help you spread your message?  Being voiceless without the partnership of a strong and trusted human?  Probably not, unless you are a non-speaking autistic like me.

Just imagine having joyous conversations with guardian angels and receiving messages just for you that you are meant to deliver far and wide.  Hard to wrap you head around isn’t it?

All beings forget their previous angelic forms.  Except if they are somehow believed in and believe themselves.  Mommy always believed I was meant to make a big impact on the World, but not until I got my voice did she get what that was.  I am meant to gather the other angels in human form!  I am meant to be a leader of angels as we bring love and peace back to this planet.

Being transparent about this mission is both scary and necessary.  Without being an open book I can not hope to inspire other angels to be open with me.  Being open also leaves me vulnerable to the non-believers.  My hope is to pave the way for others without taking too much fire from the non-believers.

Angelically yours,



10 thoughts on “Being an angel in human form

  1. Dear Jordyn!
    Just watched your YouTube, and big tears are rolling down my cheeks. Tears of deep profound gratitude!
    Gratitude for you and other angels like you, who are here on this earth to wake us all up. Angels like you who are messengers of love, kindness, compassion, peace and acceptance.
    I’m so grateful that you have realized your important mission here on earth. Grateful for your extraordinary patents, and the beautiful team they gathered to help you express your beingness in such a magical way.
    You are such a beautiful being of love=light, and wisdom! You have captured my heart in a big way!
    Thank you!!! Thank you for who you are, and for the gifts you bring all of us!


  2. Carly

    Jordyn you are an advocate in human form and an angel in spirit form! I believe in both!
    You are much of what Eckhart Tolle says at the end of his book the New Earth!
    Sharing is hard… thank you for doing so 🙂
    Big Hugs!


  3. Jordyn, thank you for being the voice and messenger you are, which is never an easy assignment. I’ve believed for a long time that autistic humans bring new energy to the planet to support the new energies required to shift the consciousness of the planet and with it, their own messages, in many forms. Again, not an easy task and definitely misunderstood by most from a 3 dimensional point of view.
    I look forward to your every message and personally would love to hear more of your connection to crystal energy and how to use them.

    I have much love and respect for your mission,



  4. tammy tetreault

    Oh my. I can’t believe I didn’t see this last week! (actually, I was out of town and somewhat unplugged)
    But WOW!!!
    I agree with Lori. I’d love to hear more about crystal energy!
    And YOUR energy, I think, energizes us all!


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